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Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

Corporate yoga is a great way to bring more joy and wellness to your employees. It provides effective relief from the mental and physical issues caused by work stress and long hours. Corporate yoga is an effective means to build teams; fire up morale, improve work performance and boost work synergy and concentration.

Employers gain:

• Confidence building.

• Increased motivation, synergy and creativity

• Fewer aches and pains in their bodies 

• Reduces: Stress, anxiety & depression

• Increased energy and decreased fatigue

• Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases

Employers see:

• Increased productivity

• Reduced employee absenteeism

• Higher morale

• Higher job satisfaction amongst employee

• Team Work

Cost effective

• Yoga at office asks for a limited investment and is also fast and easy to implement.

• Yoga classes can be held practically anywhere in the office.

• In some cases the employees participate partially in the cost of the session.

• This stimulates the involvement of the employees for their health and reduces the costs for the company.

Together we can do great things.”

– Mother Teresa

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