Born in magical Costa Rica, one of the world’s top countries in what regards biodiversity, and with an interesting genetic diversity to herself, Karley remained faithful to her oriental roots while simultaneously deeply rooted to her PURA VIDA land identity.

Yoga Teacher

Karley Fu

She sweats: holistic spiritual vibes, discipline, drive, passion and a spontaneous Pura Vida costa rican kindness! 

Constantly balancing her mind, body and soul on all aspects of her life: 

On and off her yoga mat, on her surfboard, helping genuinely people improve their mobility, physical & mental shape, while boxing and during her daily nutritional creations chef style alkaline healthy kitchen – inspired by her Oriental chef dad.

But not only of holistic or physical related activities she’s made of. 

Karley always been attracted to technology, hence her earlier career in the 3D printing world where among other interesting projects, she was mostly impacted by the amazing 3D reconstruction of a toucan prosthetic beak, improving dramatically the quality and the life expectancy of this magical bird.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Karley canalizes much of her tech savviness into her, over 10 years, main passion: Yoga teaching. 

You’ll feel in her classes a balance of comfort, passion, spirituality, physical challenge and simultaneously the trust from the technical foundations and constant explanations of the how’s and why’s of each move, helping you navigate better, deeper and evolving faster.   

From the rhythms of the Caribbean coast, to the silence of the introspective volcanoes, from the peacefulness of her Oriental spiritual heritage, to the waves of her Pacific ecosystem, Karley interweaves multicultural flavors and layers that tend to positively impact others.

"Be easy to love, hard to break and impossible to forget"

My Passions

Nature Lover


Body Movement


Healthy Nutrition

My Qualifications

– 500 hours Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher | with Matias Flury | Costa Rica

– 500 hours Budokon University | Gurú Killer Teacher Training | with Cameron Shayne & Melayne Shayne | Miami USA

– Hanuman Method Practitioner (for over 5-years) | with Atma Crista | Costa Rica

– Manual Adjustment and Alignment Methodology Workshop | Asana Lab with Luana Fara | Costa Rica

– Yoga Biomechanics Workshop | Krama Yoga | Costa Rica

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