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I am here to help you find release so that you can comfortably and competently move your body through life.

Pura vida!

“Transform your life by listening your body”

Karley Fu

Why Karley Fu

My mission is to empower you to live a more conscious and better life through movement and healthy nutrition. 

I believe we can create optimal health through a nutrition diet and lifestyle that suits you. 

Finding balance in all aspects of life relieves discomfort, restores functionality, and helps sustaining the wellbeing of our  body, mind and soul.

My Offering

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On-line Yoga allows you to comfortably find your center and let go your stress & worries.

On-line Yoga has been proved to increase not only your yoga skills but even more importantly: Your overall balance and health!

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I always thought yoga would be fun and easy.

After my first class, I found out it was not as easy as I imagined.

But the true surprise was the sense of peace and joy I discovered.

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Budokon Yoga is a modern Yoga style. It unites the ancient tradition of self inquiry with modern mixed movements. It was created by “Cameron Shayne”. Suited for all types of athletes or movers seeking a higher level of agility, mobility, stamina, and strength.

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You have been considering a detox but you haven’t been sure.

Here you will learn more about the many benefits of it!

“I’ve been experiencing many of the benefits of detoxing, both on a mental and physical levels”

Private One on One Bookings

Schedule here your private One on One Experience or Nutritional Coaching CalIs

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What my students are saying


Clara Villoslada - Spain

Karley is one of those great professionals and magical people who change her, change your life. Her holistic vision of the treatments and programs is impressive. Detox or yoga, or any of its programs is to immerse yourself in taking care of all your bodies, nothing goes separately. Her capacity for containment and support are of an excellence and delicacy that I have rarely seen in wellness professionals. My change in eating habits together with good sports habits have changed my life. Thank you Karley for your professionalism and Mimo 😘


Gioconda González - Costa Rica

Encontrar un maestro de yoga y tener conexión con su alma y su voz es un arte, tengo la fortuna de tener mi maestra Karley Fu a quien la puedo nombrar mi amiga y maestra, me ha enseñado amar cada movimiento , a fluir y a romper con las barreras que tiene la mente. El tener equilibrio mirar mi tercer ojo , el conectarme con mi ser y hacer cada posición mediante movimientos fluidos me han ayudado a encontrar algo más que una condición física, es  tener una limpieza interna en cada punto energético , expandir mi corazón al mundo, a las oportunidades, a las personas y activar cada parte de cuerpo. En sus clases descubrí cómo la mente, el espíritu y el cuerpo se conectan mediante una guía en cada movimiento, con una respiración que te conecta con el momento presente y te ayuda a ser consciente de cada acción, son enseñanzas que trascienden en el camino de la vida y te ayudan a evolucionar como ser humano.

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